Thanksgiving Feast

For 40 years the community gathers to create and share a community meal of Thanksgiving!
The meal is free to all and all are welcome!

We are happy that 174 of you chose to let us share Thanksgiving Dinner with you during the 44th annual event at First Congregational Church.  We hope that you all went away full and ready for the holiday season that is upon us.

A huge thank you to everyone for donations of helping hands, food, and monetary contributions to make this happen.  It truly “takes a village”.

And, although I know she doesn’t want to be singled out, if you enjoyed a meal delivered to your home, or a take-out dinner, please thank Jenny Delfs the next time you see her.  Without her, I’m quite sure we would still be at church sorting it all out.  We delivered a whopping 64 meals this year (more than double our usual amount).  She was cool, calm and ever smiling!

Thank you all for blessing us with your presence.  Happy Holidays!

Mary Igoe

2017 Community Thanksgiving Coordinator.

Beth Benson, winner Mike Carlson, Bev Denyes.jpg

The meal is shared at the church and delivered to homes. It is a community wide tradition that many look forward to. The meal is free to all and all are welcome!