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Sunday Dinner and Church Fair November 4th

Sunday Dinner and Church Fair

Nov. 4 following worship

Join us for a full Pot Roast Dinner and church fair following Sunday Worship Nov. 4th.
Dinner will include
Pot roast
Roasted vegetables

Following dinner
We will pray and ask how we all can join together to further the mission of this congregation.  How can you be part of the work and wonder of being the church?  Can you light candles?  Can you count the offering?  Can you visit people?  Bake cookies or bars?  Make coffee?  Pray?  Read in Worship?  Fold bulletins?  Build a budget? Plan advent?  Shovel snow?  Weed the garden?  Raise funds?  Teach Sunday School?  Use your imagination?  Write a prayer or a poem?

Categories of church mission with a sampling of tasks for each will be posted about the room. You will be able to sign up for any and all that you feel called to.